Creative Expression

There, where everything begins. These expressions reflects my own approach to the roots of creativity. This is how I perceive, this is how I'm and I offer you the incorporation of this element into our collaboration.

Commercial projects

A bit of action or a bit of calm? Here are a few examples where we can let the roots grow in your project. We can create an atmosphere, craft stories, embrace mystery, and go far beyond our imaginations.


Just a moment. I learned that it's not possible to plan everything in photography, and the right moments come unexpectedly and without invitation. It's then up to us whether we open our hearts to accept creativity in its raw and pure beauty.

How will our journey unfold?

Each project requires a unique approach and right time. Let's consider the whole action, not focus on the first 3 seconds. Let's follow the feelings, not seek answers in tables. We will build your project with inventiveness, because possibilities for creation are endless.

  • First idea | feeling

    As a first step, we'll discover the right atmosphere that captures the essence of your project. Then we will know where our way should lead.

  • Script | Storyboard

    Subsequently, it is time for the creation of the story, both from the literary artistic perspective and from the technical aspect.

  • Cast | Crew

    Once everything is written and drawn, it is important to assemble the right crew, actors, and find the right locations for our project.

  • Production | Shooting

    Then comes the big days when we, with all the people, transform the atmosphere and script into audiovisual form.

  • Postproduction | Editing

    The audiovisual transformation continues in post-production, where we combine the individual parts together and add potential effects.

  • End | New start

    Our creative journey comes to an end, opening the door to a new beginning. Now, you can share and let the project thrive worldwide.

Petr Slanina

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